Devana SQL Injection vulnerability

This is a very interesting vulnerability since this browser game called “Devana” seems to be very popular. In addition, seven browser games – which are based on Devana – are currently listed at View the details here: About the vulnerability Devana is an open source browser game in which the player can choose […]... Read More

leaftec cms multiple vulnerabilities

leaftec cms is a small CMS being developed by a German individual / German company. Sadly the CMS is not available for free download, so I stumbled across the vulnerabilities while I was visiting a website which was based on the leaftec cms. I contacted the vendor bud sadly my contact attempts were ignored and the vulnerabilities […]... Read More
suche4all - default home page – iframe - iframe included XSS vulnerabilities

I recently visited (please don’t ask why 🙂 ) and stumbled across a search field which does not filter out HTML and Java Script tags. I notified the webmaster but sadly he did not reply within two weeks. So here we go: This is an excerpt of the default home page. Let’s try some […]... Read More
Xen Cloud setup - select keymap Xen Cloud setup - watch the bar! Xen Cloud - first boot Xen Cloud - settings menu Xen Cloud - HTOP

Installing the Xen Cloud Platform

What is this tutorial about? This little tutorial shows the reader how to install the Xen Cloud Platform on a blank machine. What is this Xen Cloud Platform? What is Xen? Xen is a virtualization solution, a complete and very good description can be found here: Now tell me something about this Xen Cloud Platform […]... Read More