Linux mainline now contains full support for Xen

Today I stumbled across a very interesting blog entry from Oracle’s head Linux developer, Wim Coekaerts. He talks about the freshly added support for Xen in the Linux mainline and stresses that now all Xen skeptics (who were claiming that alternatives are much better since they are better integrated in the Kernel..) will have to find new […]... Read More

Joomla Component com_jmsfileseller Local File Inclusion Vulnerability

Please download the original advisory/exploit here. The Joomla component com_jmsfileseller suffers from a Local File Inclusion vulnerability. URL: index.php?option=com_jmsfileseller&view=<LFI value>&cat_id=1&Itemid=27 Vulnerable parameter: view Example: index.php?option=com_jmsfileseller&view=../../../etc/passwd%00&cat_id=12&Itemid=27... Read More

Why sometimes awesome projects save the day (or: Reviewing

Maybe you know one of these days: It is a rainy weekend, your friends are all out for partying and you are stuck alone at home. Well, there is also something positive about it. These hours can be used for letting your inner nerd out and spending time on doing stuff you wouldn’t do normally, […]... Read More