WHOIS Policy Review Team Report – Final Draft published

The WHOIS Policy Review Team crafted a draft of their final report and stated, that the common internet user is in most cases unaware of the existence of the WHOIS service (76 percent of asked participants). Furthermore, they describe what actions should be taken in order to improve the WHOIS service (and data accuracy). The WPRT even […]... Read More

KVM clustering and monitoring article published in the UK/US/AU Admin Magazine

The English Admin Magazine (published in the UK, US and AU) #7 now contains a translated version of Thilo’s, Markus’ and my article about KVM clustering and monitoring the VMs with Opsview. You can view the magazine here: http://shop.linuxnewmedia.com/magazines/admin-magazine/eh33007.html http://www.admin-magazine.com/Archive/2012/07 Make sure to check it out if you haven’t read much about that topic yet!... Read More