New tool: Simple Zarafa Inbox Viewer

Today I played around with the Python MAPI interface and found some Zarafa MAPI documentation. Since I have to do with Zarafa on a regular basis, I found it interesting to access the inbox via MAPI and Python. I wrote a little script which does exactly that: After you provided the login credentials, the script connects to […]... Read More

Mounting NFS-Shares with Cfengine 3

One often used service is NFS. The ability of mounting a file system over the network is very handy and even I use it regularly in my projects. Now imagine a scenario where you manage the configuration of your servers with Cfengine 3 and you have a central file server with NFS running on it. […]... Read More

Installing packages with Cfengine 3

For some strange reason I still have the motivation to look at the “new” Cfengine 3. While I covered editing files and checking for running services in the last posts, I will try to do some very basic package management with Cfengine 3 today. Writing the script body common control { version => "1.0"; inputs […]... Read More

Cfengine3: Check for running services

In the last post about Cfengine 3 we talked about a simple script which creates a file and writes something into it. Today, we will create a simple example script which checks if two specified services are running. Writing the script Connect to your Linux box and create the following file: /var/lib/cfengine3/inputs/ body common control […]... Read More

Taking a quick look at the configuration management system Cfengine 3

I have been working with Cfengine 2 for more than one and a half year now and decided to take a look at the new version: Cfengine 3. What the hell is Cfengine? Cfengine can be considered as a free management tool for servers and clients. With the help of an agent and configuration scripts, […]... Read More