HTC Desire Z: Some more experiences

I have been using my new HTC Desire Z for a week now and I am still very happy with it. While I was curious about the battery life time and the stability of the  Z slide mechanism, I now know that the battery may last even longer than a day and that the slide mechanism indeed might get “unstable” over time. I have the feeling that the longer I use this mobile device, the more smooth the slide mechanism becomes. I fear that one day, the mechanism will be completely “overused” and either slide too soft or just breaks one day. But at the same time it is still too early to call it an issue, I guess.

One thing which is bothering me since yesterday is that the Advanced Task Killer app (which I obtained from the Android market) freezes when I open it or try to kill all tasks. This happens since I installed the Astro File Manager. Jesus, why does this have to happen? It takes minutes until the phone continues to respond to the input, so the only way out is to switch off the display by hitting the power button and then to unlock it. Afterwards a popup will appear, telling you that the ATK (Advanced Task Killer) froze and needs to be forced to close.

Besides that, I love everything about this device. The display shows everything in such a clear and colorful way that almost everything you do is an experience, even when are waiting for a long download to complete.

Another thing which is sort of cool is that the Android market contains so many apps and games that it never gets boring to wait. There is so much to do and using Nintendo emulators and playing Zelda really reminds me of the good old days, when I spent most of the day after school with playing the games of this series. A disadvantage of the market and Android in general is that this mobile OS runs on so many different devices. Game creators need to keep that in mind when developing a game which is based on OpenGL. This leads to a small amount of good 3D games for Android, most of them even need to be bougt.

While you are able to buy all of the games, you are never really sure if they run on your mobile phone. Many users report in game comments that they are not able to play the game because it contains so many performance issues. I downloaded some and every game ran well on my HTC Desire Z. Unfortunately none of them was able to chain me on the phone for more than a few minutes, which is very sad when you keep in mind that there are more than 100 000 apps to choose from. It seems that only paid content raises the fun and nivau. But buying 3D games? I guess I will never spend money for this.

A real highlight is ConnectBot, a modern SSH client. I tested it a few times and it is amazing how easy it is to remotely administrate my Linux boxes. This was really something I was looking for. Receive a Nagios alert and want to check out what went wrong on your box? Simply login while waiting for the bus 🙂

I will continue reporting about my experience with the HTC Desire Z, hopefully someone will read all this and maybe base his/her decision about an acquisition on it.


I recently had the opportunity to test the GPRS navigation systems which are integrated in the HTC Desire Z and Android. I was looking for a new apartment and didn’t know the way, so I just typed in the address and had a look. As a matter of fact, almost within a second my latest position in Munich was displayed and a route to my target was shown. So my mobile was indeed a big help and this whole navigation thing was not just an advertising gag (which I always thought, lol).

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