LizardFS: New community and product website

During the last days, the folks behind LizardFS managed to put some exciting new stuff online. One of these things is the new and official LizardFS community portal, containing community forums, a news section, a list of relevant events and a small blog. I am excited to be responsible for the official forums and to […]... Read More

LizardFS forums spotted

During the las days, the LizardFS community forums appeared in the web. While the forums seem to be empty at the moment, it could be a good place to start asking questions or talking about LizardFS. So if you are unhappy with the discussions on the mailing list or on Git Hub, the LizardFS forums […]... Read More

LizardFS 3.9.2 announced

A couple of hours ago, Skytechnology (the company behind LizardFS) announced the release  LizardFS 3.9.2.   LizardFs is a software-defined storage solution (SdS) which allows building an own highly redundant and failover-save storage platform. It is open source and an alternative to GlusterFS, Lustre, XtreemFS and many other projects from this area.   Version 3.9.2 […]... Read More