Xen.org Community Manager Stephen Spector says Goodbye

Stephen Spector, Community Manager of Xen.org, announced yesterday that he is about to leave the Xen.org community and looking forward to a new position. During the past tree years, Stephen did an awesome job on connecting all sorts of Xen enthusiasts and various companies. Thanks to him normal users and system administrators were able to […]... Read More
Xen Cloud setup - select keymap Xen Cloud setup - watch the bar! Xen Cloud - first boot Xen Cloud - settings menu Xen Cloud - HTOP

Installing the Xen Cloud Platform

What is this tutorial about? This little tutorial shows the reader how to install the Xen Cloud Platform on a blank machine. What is this Xen Cloud Platform? What is Xen? Xen is a virtualization solution, a complete and very good description can be found here: http://www.xen.org/files/Marketing/WhatisXen.pdf Now tell me something about this Xen Cloud Platform […]... Read More