Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 for PC – What the…

Many fans of Star Wars: The old Republic bridge their waiting time with playing other Star Wars games. One long awaited game was The Force Unleashed 2. As Starkiller, former Darth Vader’s apprentice, you use the force in order to find out who you are and where you belong to.

I played this game on PC and, being a huge fan of the predecessor, I have to admin that this game blows me away: It is a true flop. I will tell you why.

#1 – High expectations
Since the first part of the series was so good, fans expected a dignified successor. Everything should be even better: more force skills, better graphics, better stories and more awesome saber fights. As it turned out, the high expectations could not be fullfilled.

#2 – The graphics
The graphics and animations are ok, but when you have to play on a lower resolution, things start getting very ugly and sometimes also laggy. Have not much more to say here, sometimes I hated the game for this.

#3 – The camera angles
Sometimes I wanted to smash my controller out of the windows – that is how bad the cameras are in The Force Unleashed 2. In many cases the view/perspective is too close to your character Starkiller, therefore you see almost nothing. Furthermore the camera always shows the wrong angle so you never are able to look straight forward. You have to correct the camera’s perspective all the time (there is a button for focusing on what is in front of you), which is just annoying. This makes some jump parts unnecessarily hard and unfair. Jesus, how could you spoil something like this in such a bad way?

#4 – The controller controls
“Fortunately” the PC version of the game supports USB controllers. Yay! I was looking forward to it so much. Unfortunately you are not able to allocate the buttons/functions of the controller yourself, so you have to stick to the defaults, which is also very very annoying. Jumping is located at a button which you normally use in order to hit someone with something. The dash is near the force upgrades menu and it is often the case that you mix up some stuff and, instead of jumping and dashing to another platform, you jump, block something (damn!) and then enter the pause menu^^ Jesus Christ, this is bad. Real bad. Most of my friends use the keyboard and mouse, I guess I also should have done that.

#5 – Too short
I used to play part one of the series for a couple of days until I completed it. Well, this time it took me only a few hours. The game is very short, even when you play on higher difficulty. There are not many force upgrades, so it doesn’t take long until you unlocked everything.

#6 – The story
The story sucks. Nothing more to say here. I wish Lucas Arts would have been more creative here.

#7 – Darth Vader’s voice
Ok, imagine someone who has been smoking for like 50 years and then drinks too much alcohol. The morning afterards, this guy enters the studio and speaks the parts for Dath Vader. This is how it sounds.

Summing up I could say that the game is not a huge flop, but it is worse than the first part of the series. It almost seems that they didn’t test it on PC, for me there is no other explanation why they have these bad controls and even worse camera views.

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