Star Wars: The old Republic – Top or Flop?

As some of you might know, I played World of Warcraft for many years. I was a member of various top PvE (raiding) guilds and spent most of my spare time for raiding, farming and some PvP. I quit this game two times, once because of my apprenticeship, the second time because of having too less time for my friends and myself. Since then it has been hard not to buy a new account and return to the digital playgrounds. But being a huge fan of Scifi, Stargate and Starwars I am waiting for the next generation MMO Star Wars: The old Republic. This game could be the first real WoW killer. But reading so many blogs and message boards I begin to wonder if this game really will be able to keel all the promises it keeps on making during the development process. I fear: Will Star Wars: The old Republic be a flop?

Fans of Star Wars and The old Republic (ToR) are reading blogs and message boards several times a week. During the last weeks, some blog posts from alleged former EA Games employees appeared, claiming that ToR will not be a hit but a huge flop.

In two blog posts those people are claiming that ToR will cost more than the production of Avatar (approximately 300 US $), but at the same time the game itself will be only good in one area: the sound. Everything else is, so says an anonymous blog post, not good enough for a hit.

Continuing their anonymous comments and posts, they keep on claiming that at EA Games the wrong people loose their job, while those being increative and lazy maintain their position and even receive more money.

For true ToR fans, this stuff is very hard to believe. But yet, like in many cases, there might be some truth behind this.  We still haven’t seen more than some ingame scenes, two (I admit stunning) trailers and several screenshots. Most parts of the game, like the crafting system, PvP, raiding, real leveling, group quests and so on are still hidden from us.

One cool thing is that Internet shops claim that SW:ToR will already be shipped on the 15th of February 2011, at least one month earlier than we all expected so far. The reason could be that Diabolo 3 will be launched around March/April 2011, so ToR has to be released earlier in order to gain all the attention it requires to become a smash.

SW:ToR currently seems to be at early beta status and some  news indicate that it doesn’t matter if ToR gets released one month earlier or not since the game is already very far for a “not yet completed” product. Therefore there is reason to believe that the game might be released in an uncompleted state, but huge patches could be applied a few days afterwards. Although I am not a huge fan of uncompleted games, I still like this idea since it could be the chance to get our hands on the game even earlier than we all hoped.

As a matter of fact, the few things we already saw were amazing: good graphics, although most of the stuff was shot in a low resolution, awesome sound, nice game feeling, cool animations, nice skills (the force, awesome!), nice cut scenes and also very cool mobs.

I am personally the guy who heals like 100 percent of his gamer “career”, so I am especially looking forward to being a Jedi healer, if this will be possible. Some videos indicate that there will be Jedi Counceler healers and agens/smugglers healers. I prefer being a Jedi 🙂

But still there are doubts. The community manager left Bioware, we haven’t seen many ingame scenes yet and, what bothers me the most, there is still no beta for Europe. And I am starting to believe that there never will be one.

If the game will be released in the middle of February, they should be finished with their work at the end of January, since they have to create DVDs for the shops and ship them. Now we have November, only 3 months left until the game should receive the gold status. How much time is there left for a decent EU beta when the US folks weren’t able to play longer for a few days yet?

In my eyes, something is wrong. I fear that the game will be a flop and that not enough hours were spent in testing (from normal players, not meaning the devs playing themselves).

But still I will be among the guys being the first to order this game and to see for myself if it turns out to be a hit – or not.

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