The best games for Android 2.2 (Froyo) running on a HTC Desire Z

Since I got the HTC Desire Z I was not only blown away by its possibilities regarding the social media component, but also about the GPU and the awesome graphics. Running 3D games is not a problem. Being aware of that, I started to search the Internet for good Android games… unfortunately I was not able to find some. Yes, there is Gameloft with their stunning 3D games, such as N.O.V.A. or their racing game, but you need to purchase them AND you don’t know if they run on your mobile phone (or at least you have to look it up). When I was really desperate and did not find any good game for Android, I wanted to buy N.O.V.A. from Gameloft’s store. The result was, that their shop was claiming that this game doesn’t run on an HTC Desire Z. Awesome.

This lead me to browsing the Android market once more… and lead me to the most awesome game “Robo Defense”. This game is so addictive, simple but also stunning at the same time. The graphics are, well, let’s say GBA-like, but you are able to have fun as its best. It is a typical tower defense game, and there is also a free version to try out.

I have been playing this game for some days now and am beginning to loose fun, since it is always the same and there are only 3 base towers. But still, it was the best game I encountered so far (actually a sad thing).