Self-written article about SaltStack being published in the German Linux Magazine 06/2014

Since I have been working with Salt/SaltStack for a while now, it was my pleasure to summarize some of the gathered experience and send it over to the German Linux Magazine.

As it turns out, the upcoming issue of the German Linux Magazine 06/2014 will contain my article about SaltStack. The issue will be available in May and ofc also covers many other useful and interesting subjects regarding Linux and open source software.

The article will be available in German and can be either read in the print issue or downloaded by paying 0,99 Euro Cents. You can view the online version of the article here: Zentralverwaltung – Serverfarmen verwalten mit Saltstack

I would take the opportunity and thank my personal friend Jay for helping me out with this article; I also would like to send my greetings over to Markus and Jens-Christoph from the Linux Magazine! 🙂

As usual, I highly recommend to buy the print issue or the digital version!

Edit: The article was also discussed on the German Debian Users Mailing List: Wer kennt SaltStack?

Edit: The article was also tweeted by SaltStack on Twitter: Tweet regarding the article (by SaltStack)

Edit: The article was also mentioned in a German VMWare message board: Thread about SaltStack