Simple LAN Scanner 1.0 released

Today I am releasing my Simple LAN Scanner 1.0 (08th January 2011).

The Simple LAN Scanner is a very simple LAN scanner written in Python. It scans the local network and tries to give you the MAC and IP addresses of the discovered running systems. Furthermore it creates a small log file at the end of the scan.

sudo ./ –network=<your network>

Usage example
sudo ./ –network=

Make sure you install the package python-scapy before you run the Simple LAN Scanner.

Feature list
– Tries to give you the MACs and IPs of discovered running systems.
– Creates a small log file.

Some notes
– Tested with Python 2.6.5.
– Modify, distribute, share and copy the code in any way you like!
– Please note that this tool was created for educational purposes only.
– Power to teh c0ws!