Interview with the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) from 2007

There was a time when I was running, an online magazine portal with some self-written content regarding politics, the internet and other stuff. I gave it up years ago, also loosing some very unique content about various things.


One of the main attractions was an article about the Angry Video Game Nerd which was prepared by interviewing James Rolfe aka the Angry Video Game Nerd. They still have the links to my old website online:

Even Telepolis and heise put a link on their website to the interview:


I was able to interview the Angry Video Game Nerd in July 2007 and just stumbled across the questions and his reply e-mail. I guess that it is time that I share this old piece of “history” with you 🙂 Have fun!

(Sorry for the typos and bad spelling of me back then; I decided to keep all those mistakes for reason of lazyn.. for reason of authenticity 🙂 ).

1.      How did you come up with the idea of filming
yourself while playing good or crappy video games? And
how was the name Angry Nintendo Nerd born? Did you
ever have problems with the company Nintendo?

It all started as just a little joke for my friends. I
had no idea it would eventually become so popular on
the internet. The name change happened because of how
famous it has become. If you’re trying to sell
merchandise, its wise not to have a brand name like
“Nintendo”. So I changed it to “Video Game” nerd to be
safe and also spanning a wider library of games.

2.      Since when exactly have you been playing video
games? And what was your first console and game?

In the early 80’s, I had an Odyssey and Atari 2600. In
1988, I got an NES. It changed my life.

3.      What do your parents and your girlfriend say to
your work?

My parents must find it strange but are happy for the
success its gotten. My girlfriend hates video games,
yet has to deal with it all the time.

4.      How much time do you spend on making these videos
in a month?

From writing to editing, the average video takes about
30 hours.

5.      Are you planning to make this hobby your… job? Or
is it perhaps a little dream?

My dream is to make all my film projects a reality.
I’ve been making movies since I was a young child and
hope to make a career out of it. I have comedies,
horror films, short films, features, all kinds planned
and the nerd has helped me get closer to that dream of
continuing to do my art on a bigger scale.

6.      Do you earn money with these videos, like for
publishing them on

Yes, GameTrailers is paying me.

7.      How important is feedback for you? Would you change
something in your videos if a fan requests/suggests

It’s all about nostalgia of the past, so as long as
its still striking that nerve, which it has, that’s
the most important thing. All the videos seem to be
recieved positively. Its just that once something
becomes popular, more people start to nitpick and make
personal complaints. I don’t pay much attention to
negative criticism.

8.      What do you think, how many mails/messages do you
get at one single day? 😀

Thousands. I only respond if it seems important. I
would need a whole staff to work 24/7 to answer every
email for me. There’s THAT many.

9.      How long do you want to keep up with the Angry
Nintendo Nerd Videos?

As long as possible.

10.     What did you study and where?

University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

11.     What current job do you have? You like this job?

I’ve been editing corporate and event videos for
years. It’s been good.

12.     What do the people at work say about the AVGN

They just laugh hysterically.

13.     Where did you learn to swear that way 😀

Haha. I have no idea. When you play games, stuff just
comes out your mouth.

14.     What message do you have for the people at You
Tube, trying to make same videos like you ?

Just make sure you have your own style. Be original.
Do something that nobody’s ever done.

15.     How do you feel about this little hype? I mean
thousands of people watch you at Youtube,
GameTrailers, MySpace etc… did u ever thing that it
will go that far? 🙂

Had no idea. I’ve been putting so much effort into
making films over the span of my life. With the
combination of this internet technology and striking a
nerve with the video game community, I found fame in a
way I never imagined.

16.     Who had the idea for the song text (AVGN theme
song by Kyle)? And who had the idea to do a song for
the Nerd videos?

Kyle and I talked about and decided to do it. I wrote
the lyrics and we tried some different musical styles.
Kyle started doing sort of a punk/modern rock thing
and I was like, Yeah that’ll work. Today, Kyle and I
will sometimes look on YouTube and see how many people
have covered the song and we laugh really hard. Its
nice to know that so many people like it.

17.     Do you read all the forum topics or articles about

Don’t have time. Sometimes, I scan through the
Screwattack forum and see if there’s anything
interesting. I’ll make a few comments, answer some
questions here and there.

18.     What message do you have for all angry video game
players out there?

It’ll be okay.

19.     Has it happened that some parents contacted you
because their children watched your videos? 

Hasn’t happened yet, but yeah, I never expected so
many young people to watch them. The videos are
targeted at mature gamers, not just because of the
content, but because they’re about games from the
80’s/early 90’s.

20.     How many people do you have in the team (who are
filming you, editing the movies etc)?

Usually, just me. Mike Matei and Kyle Justin have
helped a lot. If I need another character in the
video, they might come in costume, Spiderman or Freddy
Kreuger for example.

Enjoy the videos.

Thanks for the interview.