Some updates

Puh, it has been very silent around here. During the last weeks I was enjoying the RIFT closed beta and continued to gain some knowledge about LDAP and clustering. Those are some very interesting topics and I am very fascinated by the various aspects they are providing interested people with.

Unfortunately real life drains out every piece of time from me, which means that I have not been very active in the security scene. Well, I never felt being a part of it anyway since I am only doing some stuff from time to time and don’t consider myself being a hacker or something like that.

At the moment I have a few updates for you!  A very interesting security wiki decided to create a small documentation about my Simple Local File Inclusion Exploiter. I am honored (uh!) that some people consider my work as a valuable contribution to <insert something here>. During the last months I have also noticed many blogs, message boards and other websites mentioning my papers or tools, too. That’s awesome!

Another cool thing is that I finally got to move into a large new flat in the center of Munich, Germany. Life rocks!

Because of so many people mentioning my work, I gained some motivation and maybe will update some of my tools in the following weeks. And who knows… maybe there will be some new security tools… so long!