My tools

Simple Zarafa Inbox Viewer (Python script)
Shows the content of your Zarafa inbox in the shell.
Version 1.0 (17th January 2012)
[Download here] [Alternative download location]

Simple LAN Scanner (Python script)
Scans your local network and tries to give you the MAC and IP address of a running system.
Version 1.0 (08th January 2011)
[Download here]

Simple Local File Inclusion Vulnerability Scanner (Python script)
Local file inclusion vulnerability scanner, version 1.0 (29th December 2010).
[Download here]

Simple Local File Inclusion Exploiter (Python script)
Exploits common LFI vulnerabilities and dumps interesting files (such as /etc/passwd and logs) on your local hard disk. Version 1.2 (05th December 2010)
[Download the latest version 1.2 here] [Version 1.1] [Version 1.0]

Simple Log File Analyzer (Python script)
Analyzes webserver log files and detects possible hack attempts. Version 1.0 (6th June 2010)
[Download here]

Simple SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner (Python script)
SQL injection vulnerability scanner, version 0.5 (17th June 2010).
[Download here]

Full Automated Column Finder for SQL Injection (Python script)
Column fuzzer, version: 1.1 (23th May 2010).
[Download here]

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