Why sometimes awesome projects save the day (or: Reviewing riouxsvn.com)

Maybe you know one of these days: It is a rainy weekend, your friends are all out for partying and you are stuck alone at home. Well, there is also something positive about it. These hours can be used for letting your inner nerd out and spending time on doing stuff you wouldn’t do normally, because you are in company or too tired/busy for it.  Remember the things you wanted to do when you have some spare time, but often lack the motivation for it after work? Yeeh, you do 🙂

During such a moment I fortunately decided to write a little perl script which helps me with my common tasks at work. Being a pussy about my self-written software, I am always struggling with myself to find a decent solution for revision controlling and the safety of my data.

So I gave Google a try and looked for a free subversion service. After a few minutes of browsing through forums and mailing lists, I stumbled across riouxsvn.com. This SVN hosts offers free subversion hosting, a decent interface for browsing your source code and even a simple user permission system.

After having registered on the website, you are immediately able to use your brand new SVN account. So a simple svn checkout <URL> in the shell and doing svn commits afterwards let you start right away, without having to wait for a manual approvement by the host (as I have seen at other free SVN hosting services.. gnah!).

Although I am currently only writing open source software, I still want to have the opportunity to make my SVN repository private. As a matter of fact, riouxsvn.com does offer this feature and I am already making use of it. One of the other things I like about this project is the clean and beautiful design. It lacks annoying advertisement banners and helps you focusing on what’s really important at the moment: your work.

So, kudos to the owner! If you are wondering who is behind this awesome project visit the Linkedin profile of Jonathan Rioux.

For me, this service is exactly what I needed.  Nevertheless, I recommend to only use RiouxSVN for your open source scripts since you never know who will be viewing your source code.

Edit: I just received an email from Jonathan Rioux:

Hi,I saw your review about RiouxSVN on xenuser. I would like to thank you personally for doing this as Rioux is quite new and needs guys like you to make it known by the dev community.

You’re welcome, thanks for creating the service!

3 thoughts on “Why sometimes awesome projects save the day (or: Reviewing riouxsvn.com)

  1. Yes you are right, it great… but unfortunately its since 4 days down… I need urgently access to my data…

    notice on site http://riouxsvn.com/:
    RiouxSVN is currently undergoing maintenance.
    Everything should be back to normal soon.
    We apologize for any inconvenience. Please try again later.

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