Exciting Google Hacking-Database (GHDB) revival by Exploit-DB

This morning I woke up and read some very exciting stuff on the blog of the Exploit-DB team. A blog post announces the very interesting revival of the Google Hacking-Database (GHDB). The GHDB is a collection of Google search terms, called dorks, which help revealing interesting information. It is a common case that Google is one of the best hacker tools and password lists, free content (you usually have to pay for) and other interesting stuff can be found within seconds. Configuration files for well-known applications, such as ProFTPd or MySQL, are sometimes accessible for the Google crawler, only God knows why I guess. But Google makes sure you find such stuff.

[Link to the GHDB]

The Exploit-DB team now accepts new submissions and has the honorable task to revive what once was almost forgotten. Epic! 🙂