Simple Log File Analyzer 1.0 released

Today I am releasing my Simple Log File Analyzer 1.0.
[Download here]

The Simple Log File Analyzer helps you to detect possible hack attempts within the log files of your webserver.

– Error handling
– Scan a log file for four different attack types
– Display a short scan report
– Write scan results to a new log file
– Easy to use (everything is simple and automated)

Additional information
Written in Python (less than 400 lines).

Usage example -file vhost_access.log

I am not responsible if this script or you cause any damage# to your system. The memory consumption can become quite large and the generated reports very huge. So be sure you know what you are doing. I highly recommend you download your log files on a separate machine and analyze these files there.

Known issue
XSS attempt discovery feature can be a little bit buggy.


Simple Log File Analyzer
Simple Log File Analyzer