Why buying a tablet computer? 20 real reasons for your conscience if you already bought one.

There is no doubt that a tablet computer is pure luxury and only few of us have reasons why not “not to buy” such a device.

For me, my Asus Transformer has become a Netbook replacement. For those who have not decided yet if to buy a tablet or not, the following list should help to determine if you really could have use for one or not (in no particular order):

Reason #1: Because you want to have it
Reason #2: Because you are a geek/nerd
Reason #3: Awesome mobile Internet access
Reason #4: Reading books, no matter where you are
Reason #5: Mobile gaming
Reason #6: Working/learning from everywhere
Reason #7: SSHing to your server from everywhere
Reason #8: Comfortable Netbook replacement for your couch sessions
Reason #9: Something to give your little sister/brother for introducing them to computers
Reason #10: Watch movies comfortably, no matter where you are
Reason #11: Mobile file sharing with your friends
Reason #12: Paper replacement (e.g. writing down notes everywhere you are)
Reason #13: Great meeting/presentation device
Reason #14: Stable operating system (iOS, Android), so (almost) no crashes
Reason #15: Faster working, more productivity (if you know how to use your tablet)
Reason #16: Better than most Netbooks or cheap Notebooks
Reason #17: Long Battery life in comparison to Net- and Notebooks
Reason #18: More Fun!
Reason #19: Better photo sharing
Reason #20: Camera, large screen and touch screen input interface on the go