The Joomla Hacking Compendium

Download The Joomla Hacking Compendium here. With great pleasure I hereby announce the availability of the new “The Joomla Hacking Compendium”. It contains almost 1000 lines of pure knowledge and shows you the way to hack and protect Joomla. It contains the following chapters: Please find an excerpt below:... Read More

Not yet another Full Disclosure vs Responsible Disclosure debate

I have been interested in IT-Security since I was 16 or 17. Back then I was fascinated by basic concepts and the idea of exploiting weaknesses within a network, piece of software or simply human stupidity. It was exciting to see that the Internet is full of amazing websites, providing security enthusiasts with tools, source […]... Read More

17 Milw0rm alternatives – or: 17 ways to obtain your latest Vulnerabilities/Advisories/Exploits elsewhere.

Since 2009, Milw0rm seems to be “dead” and no longer up2date. But there is hope 😛 During the last months other websites have emerged and other ones have attracted more attention than before. I want to show you 17 ways to obtain your latest Vulnerabilities && Exploits && Advisories elsewhere: […]... Read More

Some updates

During the last days lots of stuff was going on. Facebook was hacked but nobody seems to take this serious, at least that is my impression here in Germany. Although the media are aware of the issue, they completely ignore it. Not even the data privacy websites picked that topic up. This leaves the impression […]... Read More