New articles published in the German Linux Magazine and Android User

Today I have an exciting announcement to make: At this day, the German Linux Magazine 2011/12 arrives at your local (German) magazin store. It contains a title article about monitoring a KVM standalone/cluster. It war written by Thilo, Markus and me. You can read the free preview here: “Pulsmesser – Opsview-Monitoring eines KVM-Servers im Clusterbetrieb” […]... Read More

Why buying a tablet computer? 20 real reasons for your conscience if you already bought one.

There is no doubt that a tablet computer is pure luxury and only few of us have reasons why not “not to buy” such a device. For me, my Asus Transformer has become a Netbook replacement. For those who have not decided yet if to buy a tablet or not, the following list should help […]... Read More