Official Xen blog explains Xen virtualization in detail

During the last days, the official Xen blog published two really amazing articles about Xen virtualization in detail. Both of them take a look at paravirtualization, HVM and the difference between 32 and 64 Bit guests. You can find part one of the article series here: The Paravirtualization Spectrum, part 1: The Ends of the […]... Read More

Security / Penetration Testing (Debian/Ubuntu) – Why Google Skipfish failes to be a top-class web vulnerability scanner

Some of you might have read my little tutorial about how to use Google Skipfish for web vulnerability scanning. While I was fascinated by the efficiency and speed of this application, I started to use it more often. Although manual testing can’t be replaced by a machine, web vulnerability scanners are still a helping hand. During […]... Read More

Ack Ack – Interesting security blog

I want to take the opportunity and share an interesting IT security blog with you: “Ack Ack – Go beyond the impossible!“. Four authors write very interesting blog posts, do some vulnerability research and publish tools && exploits. I especially love the article about performing DNS queries through MySQL (theory), the very funny RAM exhaustion […]... Read More