The Joomla Hacking Compendium

Download The Joomla Hacking Compendium here. With great pleasure I hereby announce the availability of the new “The Joomla Hacking Compendium”. It contains almost 1000 lines of pure knowledge and shows you the way to hack and protect Joomla. It contains the following chapters: Please find an excerpt below:... Read More

Little XSS Cheat Sheet added

Since my favorite XSS cheat sheet is down, I decided to compose an own cheat sheet which is a collection of a few sources and based on my personal experience. It is nothing special and does not include the features of other cheat sheets (e.g. browser compatibility, hex conversion etc.), but it is not ment […]... Read More

South Korean UTW CMS Multiple Vulnerabilities

Please view the original advisory/exploit here. The South Korean Community/Website/Content Management System UTW suffers from various vulnerabilities. Local File Inclusion Script: utw_lib/get_file.php Parameters: file, rfile Example: utw_lib/get_file.php?rfile=<local path>&file=<local file name> The script get_file.php is vulnerable to local file inclusion attacks. Arbitrary files can be viewed by combining the values for the rfile and file parameters. […]... Read More

Zeeways Adserver Multiple Vulnerabilities

Please view the original file here. Multiple vulnerabilities within the Zeeways Adserver were found. >> SQL Injection Multiple scripts with multiple parameters are affected from this vulnerability. Example #1: index.php?section=redir&affid=0&kid=0&zid=[SQL Injection] Example #2: Visit the "register" page index.php?section=user&action=register and enter your SQLi string into the email field. Fill out the other fields with some normal […]... Read More