Artikel im Linux User und Linux Magazin erschienen

Der Raspberry Pi und Leap-Motion-Controller finden derzeit viel mediale Aufmerksamkeit. Ich habe mir beide Geräte ebenfalls angesehen und meine Erfahrungen für den Linux User und das Linux Magazin nieder geschrieben. Im Linux User 09/2013 ist damit nun der Artikel “Tor zur Welt – Raspberry Pi als Tor-Proxy nutzen” erschienen. Der Artikel beschreibt die Einrichtung des […]... Read More

How to use the Leap Motion as a mouse on Linux

Since the Leap Motion has arrived in the homes of the fans and the curious, it has drawn a lot of attention. But while the support on Windows platforms is at least acceptable, the Leap Motion is not very well supported on Linux systems. At the moment, there is no official ready-to-use app for Linux […]... Read More

Leap Motion with Windows 8 and Fedora 17 (Linux) – some experiences

As you might already know, the Leap Motion is an input device for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Once it is connected to a computer, it creates a space in your room in which it will recognize all your fingers and their movements. It is very similar to the Microsoft Kinect; however, the Leap Motion […]... Read More