Check if an user exists with Cfengine 3

Often there is a need to add new users after deploying a new Linux box. In my case, I often have to add an user which takes care of the monitoring stuff (e.g. owning the Nagios plugins and executing them). The following little Cfengine 3 code snippet should help you to determine if a specific […]... Read More

Simple reporting with Cfengine 3

Keeping yourself up to date about what is happening on your Linux systems can be quite time-consuming. Many sys admins therefore use a little trick: Since the most important logs contain all the informative stuff, many admins install logcheck which reports unusual happenings every 60 minutes via mail. In this way, the admins stay informed […]... Read More

In eigener Sache: Das Linux Magazin 05/2012

In dieser Woche erscheint das Linux Magazin 05/2012: Diese Ausgabe beinhaltet einen Artikel von Thilo und mir: “Log-Wellenreiter – Logfiles überwachen und Aktionen anstoßen“. Dieser Artikel behandelt die automatisierte Auswertung von Log-Dateien und das Reagieren auf vordefinierte Events. Zusätzlich durfte ich den Artikel “Linux-Multimeter – Systemdiagnose von Vmstat über Netstat bis Dstat” beisteuern. Dieser Beitrag […]... Read More