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LinuxCon und CloudOpen Europe 2014 – Auch für Linux-Neulinge geeignet

Düsseldorf – Linux-Messen hängt der Ruf nach, sich nur an Profis zu richten. Die LinuxCon und CloudOpen 2014 in Düsseldorf scheint auf dem ersten Blick dabei keine Ausnahme zu machen. Hier und da entdecken wir jedoch auch Vorträge, die sich primär an Linux-Nutzer mit unter fünf Jahren Berufserfahrung richten. Einer dieser Präsentationen stammt von dem […]... Read More

Monitoring the Apache web server with Cfengine 3

During the last weeks I received a lot of positive feedback on my blog posts and the Cfengine 3 code snippets so I started to post them on Twitter. Especially my little article about monitoring the CPU load with Cfengine 3 gained some attention there, that is why I am very motivated to dive in […]... Read More

Monitoring the CPU load with Cfengine 3

The creators of Cfengine 3 claim that their configuration management tool is able to perform a basic monitoring of important states, such as the CPU load. And indeed, with the help of Cfengine 3 you possibly get rid of some monitoring checks and therefore relive your monitoring system. This is doable because cf-monitord runs in […]... Read More

KVM clustering and monitoring article published in the UK/US/AU Admin Magazine

The English Admin Magazine (published in the UK, US and AU) #7 now contains a translated version of Thilo’s, Markus’ and my article about KVM clustering and monitoring the VMs with Opsview. You can view the magazine here: http://shop.linuxnewmedia.com/magazines/admin-magazine/eh33007.html http://www.admin-magazine.com/Archive/2012/07 Make sure to check it out if you haven’t read much about that topic yet!... Read More

New articles published in the German Linux Magazine and Android User

Today I have an exciting announcement to make: At this day, the German Linux Magazine 2011/12 arrives at your local (German) magazin store. It contains a title article about monitoring a KVM standalone/cluster. It war written by Thilo, Markus and me. You can read the free preview here: “Pulsmesser – Opsview-Monitoring eines KVM-Servers im Clusterbetrieb” […]... Read More

Real-time system monitoring with Dag Wieers’ dstat

Every system admin normally wants to be in full control of his box. One part of the “full control”-thing is to monitor your Linux system. You usually want to know what happens right now and how it affects the system. There are tools like iotop, cbm, htop, top, vmstat and so on, but none of […]... Read More