Exciting Google Hacking-Database (GHDB) revival by Exploit-DB

This morning I woke up and read some very exciting stuff on the blog of the Exploit-DB team. A blog post announces the very interesting revival of the Google Hacking-Database (GHDB). The GHDB is a collection of Google search terms, called dorks, which help revealing interesting information. It is a common case that Google is […]... Read More

bugsearch.net XSS vulnerability

I just submitted two “exploits” to bugsearch.net and was able to view them on the website although they were not published yet by the staff members. This can be done by viewing the RSS feed and then clicking on the latest link (e.g. your submitted sploit). I submitted an exploit which contains XSS code. Surprisingly […]... Read More

Joomla Component com_jsupport SQL Injection Vulnerability

Please view the original advisory/exploit here. The Joomla component com_jsupport suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability. This vulnerability can be found by viewing the component in the Joomla administrator backend. Examples: administrator/index.php?option=com_jsupport&task=listTickets&alpha=[SQL Injection] administrator/index.php?option=com_jsupport&task=listFaqs&alpha=[SQL Injection]... Read More

Joomla Component com_jsupport Critical XSS Vulnerability

Please view the original advisory/exploit here. The Joomla component com_jsupport suffers from a critical XSS vulnerability: The component allows you to create and submit tickets. The tickets can be viewed on the website and in the admin panel. It is possible to inject arbitrary HTML and JS/VBS code into the title field of the ticket. […]... Read More

Zeeways Adserver Multiple Vulnerabilities

Please view the original file here. Multiple vulnerabilities within the Zeeways Adserver were found. >> SQL Injection Multiple scripts with multiple parameters are affected from this vulnerability. Example #1: index.php?section=redir&affid=0&kid=0&zid=[SQL Injection] Example #2: Visit the "register" page index.php?section=user&action=register and enter your SQLi string into the email field. Fill out the other fields with some normal […]... Read More

Israeli security website nullbyte.org.il changed their policies

Since most of my blog readers may be related to the security scene in some way, you might know this Israeli website: nullbyte.org.il. It is a database for exploit and papers, very similar to Exploit DB or milw0rm. They used to only accept new submissions from Israeli security researchers. Recently, they changed their policies and […]... Read More

Joomla Component com_restaurantguide Multiple Vulnerabilities

Please view the original advisory/exploit here. The Joomla component com_restaurantguide suffers from multiple vulnerabilities. >> SQL Injection index.php?option=com_restaurantguide&view=country&id=’&Itemid=69 (id parameter is vulnerable) >> HTML/JS/VBS Code Injection (all input fields, also in the admin backend) It is possible to inject HTML/JS/VBS code into the document although XSS filters are active. Simply end the current HTML tag […]... Read More

Security / Penetration Testing (Debian/Ubuntu) – Why Google Skipfish failes to be a top-class web vulnerability scanner

Some of you might have read my little tutorial about how to use Google Skipfish for web vulnerability scanning. While I was fascinated by the efficiency and speed of this application, I started to use it more often. Although manual testing can’t be replaced by a machine, web vulnerability scanners are still a helping hand. During […]... Read More