Official Xen blog explains Xen virtualization in detail

During the last days, the official Xen blog published two really amazing articles about Xen virtualization in detail. Both of them take a look at paravirtualization, HVM and the difference between 32 and 64 Bit guests. You can find part one of the article series here: The Paravirtualization Spectrum, part 1: The Ends of the […]... Read More

Xen ported to ARM architecture

I have some exciting news to spread: According to, Xen was successfully ported to the ARM architecture by some Citrix employees. Furthermore Samsung seems to work on the same thing, but without Xen requiring virtualization support from the hardware. This may have some huge impact on how we will work with e. g. Android in the […]... Read More

XCP 1.1 released

Just a few days ago, the Xen Cloud Platform 1.1 was released. It contains various bug fixes, security enhancements and a bunch of new features. One of the probably most anticipated enhancements is the guest support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Since XCP is “the Xen version for the cloud”, better RHEL support might […]... Read More

Linux mainline now contains full support for Xen

Today I stumbled across a very interesting blog entry from Oracle’s head Linux developer, Wim Coekaerts. He talks about the freshly added support for Xen in the Linux mainline and stresses that now all Xen skeptics (who were claiming that alternatives are much better since they are better integrated in the Kernel..) will have to find new […]... Read More

New mascot announced

I was very happy when I received the news from Stephen Spector, Community Manager of, that my suggestion for a mascot was chosen by the community. Back in 2008, Stephen was asking the community if they would like to have a mascot for Xen. Some suggestions were entered, sadly the shark and […]... Read More history

The community manager of just announced the availablity of a new overview of the history: It is very interesting for those who have been following Xen since it emerged in the world of virtualization. For me, the highlight of the history page are the old documents from 2005: Some of those […]... Read More

Xen 4.0 released!

Today announced the availability of Xen 4.0. Many people thought that Xen was dead and would have no chance against the “mighty” KVM solution, but well, the facts talk another language. If you look a little bit closer you can see that a) most clouds are powered by Xen and b) the new features […]... Read More Mascot Contest Panda Mascot Contest – Vote for your favorite!

Stephen Spector, community manager of, recently started the Mascot Contest Vote. The community now has the opportunity to vote for the new mascot. Weeks ago, blog readers were able to submit a mascot idea, afterwards an external artist drew the images. I must say that I am very impressed by his […]... Read More