[28.05.2011] Joomla Component com_jmsfileseller Local File Inclusion Vulnerability
[18.11.2010] South Korean UTW CMS Multiple Vulnerabilities
[13.11.2010] OneOrZero AIMS v2.6.0 Members Edition Multiple Vulnerabilities
[12.11.2010] Joomla Component com_jsupport SQL Injection Vulnerability
[12.11.2010] Joomla Component com_jsupport Critical XSS Vulnerability
[06.11.2010] Zeeways Adserver Multiple Vulnerabilities
[09.10.2010] VideoDB Multiple Vulnerabilities
[18.09.2010] Joomla Component com_restaurantguide Multiple Vulnerabilities
[11.09.2010] Joomla Component com_nkc SQL Injection Vulnerability
[11.09.2010] Mechbunny PaysiteReviewCMS Permanent XSS Vulnerabilities
[11.09.2010] Mechbunny Porn Tube Search Script Multiple Vulnerabilities
[28.08.2010] GaleriaSHQIP SQL Injection Vulnerability
[23.07.2010] Joomla Component com_golfcourseguide SQL Injection Vulnerability
[14.06.2010] Membership Site Script SQL Injection Vulnerability
[14.06.2010] Daily Inspirational Quotes Script SQL Injection Vulnerability
[14.06.2010] Joke Website Script SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
[14.06.2010] E-Book Store SQL Injection Vulnerability
[14.06.2010] Lyrics Script SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
[10.06.2010] Dijitals CMS XSS Vulnerabilities
[29.05.2010] Joomla Component BF Quiz SQL Injection Vulnerability
[28.05.2010] Joomla Component Reservations XSS Vulnerability
[28.05.2010] Joomla Component My Car Multiple Vulnerabilities
[18.05.2010] Joomla Component ActiveHelper LiveHelp XSS Vulnerabilities
[14.05.2010] Joomla Component JE Job Local File Inclusion Vulnerability
[14.05.2010] Joomla Component JE Ajax Event Calendar Local File Inclusion Vulnerability,
[13.05.2010] Shoutbox XSS Vulnerability
[01.05.2010] Joomla Component Table JX XSS Vulnerabilities
[01.05.2010] Joomla Component Card View JX XSS Vulnerabilities
[01.05.2010] Rad User Manager XSS Vulnerabilities
[29.04.2010] chCounter indirect SQL Injection and XSS Vulnerabilities
[24.04.2010] Sethi Family Guestbook XSS Vulnerabilities
[24.04.2010] Auto-Img-Gallery XSS Vulnerability
[24.04.2010] Guestbook PHP XSS Vulnerability
[22.04.2010] FlashCard XSS Vulnerbility
[22.04.2010] phpGreetCards XSS Vulnerabilities
[18.04.2010] dl_stats Multiple Vulnerabilities
[17.04.2010] Joomla Component com_joltcard SQL Injection Vulnerability
[16.04.2010] Joomla Component com_pandafminigames SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
[13.04.2010] Joomla Component QPersonel SQL Injection Vulnerability
[11.04.2010] Joomla Component Multi-Venue Restaurant Menu Manager SQL Injection Vulnerability
[10.04.2010] OnePC mySite Management Software SQL Injection Vulnerability
[05.04.2010] ShopSystem SQL Injection vulnerability
[03.04.2010] Joomla component jp_jobs SQL Injection vulnerability
[02.04.2010] Facebook – Having fun with the search box (XSS)
[01.04.2010] onepound shop / cms XSS and SQL Injection vulnerabilities
[28.03.2010] Devana SQL Injection vulnerability
[21.03.2010] leaftec cms multiple vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities found within well-known websites
– Facebook (XSS/CSRF)
– (CSRF, Privilege Escalation in account status)
– (XSS)
– Lokalisten (Session Hijacking)
– Omegle (Man in the middle attack)
– (URL redirection -> thrust abuse)
– (SQL Injection)

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