New mascot announced

I was very happy when I received the news from Stephen Spector, Community Manager of, that my suggestion for a mascot was chosen by the community.

Back in 2008, Stephen was asking the community if they would like to have a mascot for Xen. Some suggestions were entered, sadly the shark and riding turtle (see blog post comments) never made it to a painting and since then nobody seemed to have talked about a mascot in a serious way. At least this is the impression I got from browsing various Xen blogs and mailing lists.

Almost 2 years later, in January 2010, Stephen described the attempt of various people to bring a mascot for the Xen community into play. The community manger started a survey, asking if should have a symbol representing Xen and the community. Until the end of the month, 81 percent of the participants approved the mascot suggestion. A very clear result if you ask me.

A few days later, still in January 2010, a contest was started. The community looked for the best suggestion, after several voting rounds my suggestion (panda <3) was one of the most approved ones. Back then I really had the feeling that many people liked my idea. An artist was asked to have a look at the final suggestions and visualize them, the result was simply awesome.

The community was able to vote for their favorite and the results where announced today:

Panda Bear  – 92 Votes (40%)
Bonsai Tree – 85 Votes (37%)
Zen Penguin – 49 Votes (21%)

In addition, I received an email from the community manager, asking for some additional feedback concerning the painting.

I was very happy that a) the community likes my suggestion, b) that the artist Brian J. Hall did such an awesome work and c) to receive such an email from Stephen Spector, the Community Manager of

It is very cool to see that actually is an active community and soon gets a representative mascot/symbol. I don’t know about you, but I already fell in love with the panda and surely will order some merchandise from the official Xen shop!

Thanks to the community for providing suggestions and their votes, thanks to the artist, thanks for Stephen Spector who really seems to put all his efforts into Xen and and thanks for the 100 $ I receive for winning the contest 🙂

But still I also like the other two suggestions which made it to the final vote, maybe they will be used in other ways. mascot mascot