Xen ported to ARM architecture

I have some exciting news to spread: According to heise.de, Xen was successfully ported to the ARM architecture by some Citrix employees. Furthermore Samsung seems to work on the same thing, but without Xen requiring virtualization support from the hardware.

This may have some huge impact on how we will work with e. g. Android in the future. Xen may run on Android devices (especially smartphones and tablets), and it might even be the case that you won’t boot into your “normal” Android OS when switching on your device. Instead you will boot into a virtual machine and may switch between various instances of Android. This makes multiple user profiles and even isolation of apps possible.

Furthermore this might lead to forging a solution which creates backups from your Android VMs. Later, you might be able to restore your Android within a few seconds in case of emergency.

This is definitely some great news for the community, and in the future every ARM device will profit from it. Thanks to the individuals which made this possible!